Fundraiser Fun

Wildcats who participated in the World's Finest Chocolate fundraiser received some great prizes, one of which was the opportunity to spray Mr. Shelton with silly string! We're so lucky to have such a fun principal!

Author Visit

Westmore recently had a fun visit from Jean Reagan, the author of "How to Babysit a Grandpa" among other titles. Students listened as she read her latest story and learned how she uses the writing process to create her stories.

Math Olympics

Principal Shelton has been coming into each classroom once a week for the past few weeks to test students on their math facts! Student can earn bronze, silver, or gold medals based on how far they go in passing off those facts. They have been working so hard and it's been so exciting to see their progress and achievement!


Westmore sure loves Dr. Seuss and we celebrated his birthday with a school-wide read-a-thon on March 6. Students read with parents and in their classrooms all afternoon and had a great time!

White Ribbon Week

During the week of February 17-20, students became media detectives (hence the mustaches!) and learned how to make good choices when it comes to media. They had a great time at an assembly, viewing videos, and participating in activities during recess time. The PTA also hosted a Parent Cereal Buffet to help teach parents about making good media choices.

Patriotic Program

Our fantastic first graders presented their annual Presidents' Day patriotic program and they were amazing! Every first grader had their own speaking part and all the first graders performed very fun, energetic songs. Nice work, first graders!

Westmore Elementary’s School Community Council is currently seeking interested parents wanting to be a part of the council for the upcoming school year. This council meets once a month and is responsible for creating the School Improvement/Trustlands plan each year. If you are interested, please contact Principal John Shelton

April 14: 5th Grade trip to Orem High, 9:45 AM
April 14: SCC Meeting, 11:30 AM
April 15: 5th Grade trip to Marriott Center/Art Museum, 9:30 AM-1:30 PM
April 16: State-Wide Earthquake Drill, 10:15 AM
April 16: 4th Grade Assembly for school, 1:00 PM
April 16: 4th Grade Assembly for parents, 6:00 PM
April 21: Preschool trip to Thanksgiving Point, 9:30 AM-1:45 PM
April 23: Spring Student Pictures
April 24: 6th Grade trip to Space Camp, 9:15 AM-1:45 PM
April 24: 1st Grade Field Trip to Hogle Zoo, 9:15 AM-1:45 PM
April 29: 4th Grade Field Trip to Utah Lake, 9:15-11:15 AM
April 30: Recognition Assembly, 9:30 AM
May 1: Catwalk, 1:00-2:15 PM